Jul 23

The latest version of the Apple iPhone, the iPhone 4 was developed with a heavy emphasis on improving its camera features and capability. It has vastly increased megapixels, an improved and faster lens and an innovative light sensor feature. Its focus is aimed at increasing the quality of smartphone image and video capture to rival traditional digital cameras and hand-held video recorder devices.

One of the key benefits is being able to quickly and easily upload your imagery on to social networking platforms or emailing them to any of your contacts from wherever you happen to be. Instant sharing is big and the iPhone 4 does this well. There are also a wide range of apps available that can enhance and alter your images giving them the professional touch if you feel like getting creative with your images – which many users do. It has built-in auto white balance which helps produce truer colour and better image sharpness in low and artificial light conditions.
Combined with the auto flash this can produce impressive results for a phone camera.

There are also two new useful camera operation features. Touch the area of the main subject of the image on screen, say a building and you can lock the exposure and focus until you’re ready to capture your image. They have also added more shutter releases to the volume buttons on the side which some users may find easier than using the touch screen.

There are many other features which new users are sure to enjoy exploring and the sharpness of images that is possible is very impressive. One thing to note is that camera usage drains a lot of power from the battery, so if you’re planning to take an album full of images and a lot of video footage bear this in mind. For the best iphone 4s deals, have a look at Phones 4U.

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