Jul 14

Tiny Wings has been out in the App Store for some time now, but it’s back in the news. The developer Andreas Illiger, teased us with a unique video, showing what seemed to be Tiny Wings 2. It turned out to be Tiny Wings 2.0. A huge update to the original game.It now supports the retina displays to show off its beautifully colored levels. It also has a new game mode called Flightschool. In this new mode you can choose between one of four baby birds and race against the remaining three to earn the big fish. This mode contains 15 different levels and they’re not so easy to play. Make sure to meet your challenge. Tiny Wings 2.0 now supports iCloud, so it syncs your progress to all devices and on top of it all, Tiny Wings can now be played full screen and in HD on the iPad. To make things more interesting, the iPad version has a splitscreen multiplayer mode. Each player gets have of the iPad’s screen to race against each other. 

Below is a gameplay video of Tiny Wings 2.0:

Tiny Wings 2.0, iPhone, $0,99 / €0,79
Tiny Wings HD, iPad, $2,99 / €2,39 

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