Jun 26

Just as the rate at which new model mobile devices are being unleashed by the major manufacturers is head-spinning, so the rate of release of new apps for these devices is equally astonishing. This is mainly to keep up with the almost unprecedented level of public demand that currently exists for the mobile industry and sees more and more successful companies – such as motors.co.uk – looking to produce apps that allow them to break into the mobile device market. These are some of the new apps that you can currently get for your device.

As mentioned above, motors.co.uk, the online database of new and used cars which has been such a success since its launch in 2007, has now released an app for the iPad, which allows users to access its services via their device. The Motors app is straightforward and functional, designed to help you find the new or used vehicle you want from the 160,000 plus listed on the motors.co.uk network, as quickly and easily as possible. Users simply input search criteria such as make and model, price and location for the search, to secure the results best suited to their needs.

Another new app available is the Clik app for both iPhone and Android, which lets the user connect to YouTube without the need for any further hardware or software. Essentially it turns your phone into a kind of remote for this channel, connecting you to the net browser you prefer via a scanned QR code available at clickthis.com and then, once you have been connected, you can play any video from the site, choose favourites and pause a video, all using the app. In addition this app is free to download to your phone.

This is just a couple of the new apps currently available for your mobile device, one offering a practical service, the other being a fun app for everyday use. There are a great many more, of varying degrees of quality and usefulness, which you can find out about online.

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