Jun 25

Motors.co.uk is the second largest online advertising network in the UK. It has signed major partnerships including The Daily Mail online, Parkers.co.uk and The Independent amongst others, supplying them with used cars; making it a great advertising platform for dealers and buyers alike.

The forward thinking company, who launched www.motors.co.uk in 2007, also created iphone and ipad apps in 2010. Like many online businesses they could see the huge potential in creating the apps for the increasingly popular hand held devices.

In today’s fast paced society, the public’s need for instant fixes is on the up. Apps provide an aid to this by enabling the user instant access to the information that they need. The user can choose apps to suit their individual needs or lifestyle by downloading an app from the provider’s website.

Those looking to sell or buy a car will now be able to not only use the search engine on the website, but now also search for cars on the move from wherever they are. The app has been designed to make searching for a vehicle as easy as possible, providing ten cars per page which match the requirements of the user. It is user friendly, informative and so convenient you will find your perfect car in no time.

The application is called ‘motors.co.uk car search’ and is available in the Apple App Store ‘utilities’ section or simply follow the link provided on the website. Downloading the app is free and easy, and the convenience and the amount of cars available will certainly take the stress off searching for a new car.

If you have an iphone, ipad touch or ipad iOS 3.0 or later, you can easily download the app, giving you access to over 160,000 cars that are stored in the database. The app is being continually updated to give the user the most effective car search experience.

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