Jun 12

Apple said that  iOS 6, the next version of its iPhone and iPad operating system,  will be compatible with devices as old as the iPhone 3GS, which is 3 years old. iOS 6 will be compatible with multiple devices but not all features are available on all devices. Macrumors created a nice “infographic” which you can see above, that shows what features are supported on each device.

iPhone 3GS owners will receive iOS 6 features like redesigned App and Music Stores, Cloud Tabs in Safari, Facebook integration, and other improvements — it just won’t include nearly the same number of features as the owners of Apple’s latest and greatest gadgets.

Source [Macrumors]

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  1. emiz Says:

    omg, im selling my 3gs, my iphone 4 and ipad 2, i need new gadgets and all of that… like apple wants…..i dont need anything of this, jailbreak gives u all of that stupid upgrades on same gadget… apple fans are weird…

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