Apr 23

As you can see in the video above, Daikin Industries is developing a coating, mainly for use on the circuit boards of mobile phones, that’s resistant to water and moisture, environmentally friendly, and dries as a thin film. This product is not made for full waterproofing your phone, but to make it resistant for rain or when you drop your phone¬†accidently in water.

This product isn’t intended for full waterproofing, but for raising the baseline in waterproofing to everyday standards. So we’re suggesting this coating as a way to reduce the risk of phones malfunctioning if they happen to get dropped in water.” “This product is made by dissolving a fluoropolymer in a fluorinated solvent. The fluoropolymer is nonflammable and has low toxicity. By using this solvent, which isn’t subject to any particular regulations, we’ve achieved a coating that’s environmentally friendly

For example, even if the phone has an earphone jack or connector, there’s no problem with connection after coating, because this coating is such a thin film. It can be used for protection against water and moisture in applications where, until now, a thicker coating was needed.

We’re working to release this commercially around December this year. Meanwhile, by showing people samples like these, we’d like to find an even wider range of uses for this coating.

Source [diginfo]

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