Apr 15

Its sounds stupid but if you are working in the army or are living in a neighbourhood with trigger happy gangsters, this can be the case for you. This Bulletproof iPhone 4 case from Marudai is a 1-inch thick armor plate steel covering for your smartphone designed to stop a direct hit from a bullet. And, just so you understand that the case really is about stopping bullets, the company will even send you a commemorative 12.7 millimeter dummy bullet. But protecting your precious gangster contacts from a hail of bullets won’t come cheap, the case costs about $648 here. Check out more picturs after the break.

Source [dvice]

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One Response to “Ridiculous Bulletproof iPhone Case Makes Your iPhone 2 Kilo Heavier”

  1. LunaticEd Says:

    This is stupid,the phone doesn’t cost that much!!!

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