Apr 06

Fibble is a physics-based puzzle game. The character ‘Fibble’ crashes on Earth with his friends. Each friend has a special ability and together you have to find a way to overcome obstacles, try to be as fast as possible and finish the increasingly more difficult levels. 

It’s an easy game to understand, but not easy to finish. Fibble really challenges you with crazy level designs and an intelligent way of using Fibble’s friends. With 30 levels in 4 unique living spaces, and with the promise of more to come, Fibble is a fun and cool game to play. To give you an even better idea of the 3D game, please take a look at the 18 minutes gameplay video below.

Fibble HD, iPad, $4,99 / €3,99
Fibble, iPhone, $1,99 / €1,59 
Fibble Free, Universal, Free

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