Apr 01

There are tons of Tweet applications for the iPad but they all look similar. Crest for iPad ($1,99) will change the way we Tweet thanks to a new user interface with a timeline, a button to open up a tweet sheet, and several more advanced features like direct messaging, tweet quoting, translating and more. It looks cool and smooth but is it really that handy, the app has a plain black background with falling tiles of Twitter user profile pictures. A user taps the small icon and then that particular users tweet will popup. See video after the break.



* Stays On: Crest never shuts the screen off, so it will always be a beautiful display.
* Portrait & Landscape: Your timeline just looks beautiful in both orientations.
* View Profiles: Tap on a name or a username will reveal their profile. Swipe from left to right to view your own.
* In-App Browser: Any link is viewable right in Crest. No need to switch between apps.
* Show or Hide Retweets: You can choose to view or hide retweets sent by the people you follow.
* Retina Ready: Crest is ready to shine with the new retina screen on iPad.

You can download Crest for the iPad in the App Store for $1,99.

Source [9to5mac]

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