Mar 30

Nokia, one of the world’s leading mobile device manufacturers has developed a new piece of alert technology which the company hopes to patent and incorporate into the design of all future Nokia phones. The technology, which has been described as a “magnetic tattoo” is certainly groundbreaking, involving the use of metal ores which would create a sensation of tingling in the arm of the phone user, requiring them to scratch it in order to stop the alert, but providing a guaranteed way of ensuring that the user knows when they have a call on their phone or when the battery needs charging.

As this indicates though, the technology requires users of Nokia phones to agree to have the “tattoo” put under their skin – something that would require them to undergo surgery – in order for the idea to work. The surgical procedure which would be have to be given to the person who wanted the ‘tattoo’ would be fairly minor, this could however make the idea harder for the company to sell to the many users of Nokia phones – innovative though it undoubtedly is. Perhaps in recognition of the scepticism some users may have about undergoing surgery for something not strictly necessary on health grounds, Nokia has also acknowledged that the technology could be applied superficially, but has stated that it would be more liable to decline in effectiveness due to wear and tear if it was not fitted under the skin.

The company has also stated that the tattoo could potentially be used to alert users to text messages, emails and other communications, as it can operate with more than one sequence of electronic pulses, thus creating distinctly different alerts depending on what type of communication has been received by the person with the tattoo. The company is confident enough that the many users of Nokia phones throughout the world will be interested in it, that they have applied to the US Patent and Trademark Office. Get more information on the possibilities for this technology from your local mobile phone retailer, Dialaphone.

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    If this was published two later i would have thought it was am April Fools joke.:)

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