Mar 22

Angry Birds Space has finally been released for the iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Mac. For the first time ever you will be launched into space to destroy worlds and kill the green pigs. Keep in mind that the game doesn’t come as a universal app but as separate apps for the iPhone, iPad and Mac. Angry Birds Space adds a whole new gameplay element. Gravity is very important in succeeding. But there’s more.

The basic principle of Angry Birds is still part of this new game. Birds have to be catapulted to kill green pigs. This time the birds don’t fly in a normal line. They go straight forward until they get caught in the gravity field of a ‘planet’. Luckily a dotted line will help you plan a trajectory for your birds. 

The game comes with 60 levels and promises to add much more in future updates. There are ways to unlock bonus levels as well. The birds have gotten a remake to look more like space-birds. And there’s a new birds with the ability to freeze part of the structures. A second bird can then destroy those frozen structures more easily. You also have the ability to use Space Eagles to help you skip a level. Be aware that you can only use a couple of those eagles. If you need more you’ll have to make an in-app purchase to buy more. Another possibility to get more Space Eagles is to finish a level with three stars.

One last thing. You now have the ability to buy 30 new levels for €0,79 ($0,99). These so called Danger Zone-levels appear to be amongst the most difficult Angry Birds levels Rovio Mobile has ever created. There’s one free level to try out, but you’ll soon find out how difficult those levels might be.

Angry Birds Space, iPad, €2,39 / $2,99 
Angry Birds Space, iPhone, €0,79 / $0,99 
Angry Birds Space, Mac, €3,99 / $4,99 

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