Mar 18

Tweetbot is a well-known Twitter-app that just received an update. The app goes to version 2.1 and adds streaming, support for the Camera+ app, and more, such as more fluid controls. The iPad equivalent of the Tweetbot also got an update with Retina display support.

With streaming you can refresh the new tweets timeline to immediately see the latest messages. You can only use this feature when on wi-fi, but you can also deactivate this streaming function. There’s also support for the Camera+ app, which means Tweetbot can now edit photo’s you shot with Camera+.

There are also a couple of minor changes. There’s now only a sound with new tweets when there are mentions, DM’s or new messages after a manual refresh. Tabbing twice on the timeline-tab brings to your last read tweet now, instead of going to the top of the timeline.

Tweetbot 2.1, iPhone, €2,39

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