Feb 20

iPad 3 A5X Chip
Anew photo has surfaced on the WeiPhone forums showing a A5X-chip nestled onto a prototype logic board. The chip also includes a date code of “1146”, which would peg production at or around November 14th-20th of 2011. If this rumor is true the iPad 3 will not get an A6 Chip, instead it will get an upgraded A5 Chip.

Sticking to the A5 chip means “a less dramatic update than than the previous 30X to 4X jump between the original iPad and iPad 2. If the A5X ships with the iPad 3, it could mean Apple is sticking with the original dual-core architecture of the A5-powered iPad 2 rather than going to a quad-core architecture, as previously rumored.”

We do not know anything for sure untill Apple announces the Next Gen iPad “on March 7?”. The iPad 3 is also expected to include a high-resolution 2048×1536 Retina display, possible 4G LTE network support, and a higher quality 8 megapixel camera.

Source [iMore]

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