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Contracts for Apple iPhone are being exclusively designed and includes data grants that only take place on the iPhone other than the complete minutes as well as text that is being offered in the SIM deal. So lets take a look after the break to see what kind of possibilities we have when we purchase our new iPhone.

All prices of the iPhone are controlled by Apple and you can already get an iPhone 3GS (8GB) for free, the iPhone 4 (8GB) for $100 or the iPhone 4S (8gb) for $199 in combination with a two year contract.


One of the most well known iPhone contract sellers is AT&T. You can choose between 3 different data contracts, a 300MB, 3GB and an 5GB data plan.

300MB of data for $20/month

  • Surf the Web
  • Send email
  • Social networking
  • Overage rate of $20 for each additional 300MB

DataPro Personal
3GB of data for $30/month

  • Download or stream music
  • Watch videos
  • Overage rate of $10 for each additional 1GB

DataPro 5GB Personal
5GB of data for $50/month

  • Share your connection with up to four additional devices using your Smartphone as a Mobile Hotspot**
  • Overage rate of $10 for each additional 1GB

If you do not care about the Data Contracts and only want to call with your iPhone, all you need is an standard contract that will cost between $40 and $70. “450minutes ($39,99), 900minutes ($59,99) and unlimited minutes ($69,99)”.

Example: So lets say, you would like be able to call for 450 minutes and would like to have an 3GB data plan.

450 minutes contract: $39,99
3GB Data Plan: $30,00
Total: $69,99


If you do not want an AT&T contract you can take a look at the Sprint contracts, Sprint is a fast growing and new iPhone contract provider and is unique because it offers an unlimited data plan on all their contracts. All you have to do is choose the amount of Voice minutes you want, which can be 50min ($79,99), 900min ($99,99) or unlimited minutes ($109,99). As you can see these contracts are a little bit more expensive but all these contracts include unlimited text messages and unlimited Data Contract.


Last but not least, you can take a look at the Verizon contracts that are working the same as AT&T, you choose your Voice Minutes in combination with an Data Plan. The prices of the Voice Minutes are the same as AT&T, 450minutes ($39,99), 900minutes ($59,99) and unlimited minutes ($69,99). But their Data plans are different, you can choose between 2GB, 5GB and 10GB and cost, $30, $50 and $80. Which is a little bit more expensive than AT&T, on top of that you can choose the amount of text messages you need, options are: Pay Per Use, 1000 Messages for $10 or Unlimited messages for $20.

Overall it looks like that Verizon is more expensive than AT&T, but some people are more satisfied with the customer service and iPhone reach of Verizon.

If you are living in The Netherlands i advice you to take a look at Sim Only and Sim Only Internet, where you can find iPhone contracts for The Netherlands.

So here you go, what provider is your favorite? If you are ready you can purchase your iPhone online from the Apple Store.

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  1. Chris Says:

    Hmm…What about non contract options?

    You could by an unlocked iPhone and use it with any compatible carrier (H2O Wireless, which also works with iPhones locked to AT&T, Straight Talk will be compatible as of next month,. T-Mobile, while currently slow on the data is another option).

    For example, straight talk offers unlimited everything for $45 per month for example (at least they did last time I looked).

    Let’s start to look at prepaid as viable alternatives to these long term contracts.

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