Feb 06

The iPhone Lens Wallet
The iPhone Lens Wallet is specially designed to keep your magnetic cell lenses in one dapper fold-out case. How so? A built-in magenetic strip holds your Macro/Wide Lens, the Fisheye, and the 2x Telephoto Lenses. If you have an 8X Telephoto Lens, the side pockets custom made to hold the lens plus its iPhone case.

Tough nylon on the outside and soft felt on the inside protects your tiny hunks of glass from the perils of your backpack or tote bag. And it is animal friendly, too! A vegan leather strap keeps everything together. Taking good care of your cell lens arsenal means pristine pics.




You can buy the iPhone Lens Wallet at Photojojo for $15 (just the wallet) or the iPhone Ultimate KitAll including 4 Lenses and the Wallet for $79.

Source [FSM]

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