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It is already the final day of the iPhoneFreakz review week sponsored by BudgetGadgets, and we will finish this week with an awesome gadget. In the picture above you can see the Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard for the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. Let me start with telling you that this is a high quality iDevice keyboard with special keys for iOS functions and can be bought here for $45.41. Read the full review after the break.


When i received the Bluetooth Keyboard the box said that it is compatible with the iPad/iPhone 4/iPhone 3G&3GS and iPod Touch. So i took my iPod Touch 4, two small AAA Batteries and within seconds i was connected with the keyboard. You simple turn it on “red circle” and click the connect button to search for bleutooth devices “blue button”.



The keyboard responsed really fast and is really comfortable to work on because when the keyboard is placed on a desk it has the perfect angle for your hands. On top of that it is very light and really thin, but at the same time pretty strong thanks to the aluminum build. The design is also really well done, and fits perfectly with the Mac look, the keyboard is even thinner than the iPod Touch 4.


At the top of the keyboard you can find keys with special iOS functions such as: Screen light adjustment, Search function, Music Player functions, Volume keys, Lock key and even a screenplayer button. All these functions are working within 30 feet of your Apple iPad/iPhone or iPod Touc and the keyboard can also be used on the Macbook Pro, iMac and PC.


Downsides? Not really, maybe i can complain about the plastic battery cap? It is just a very solid keyboard made of aluminum and plastic. The keys are white so they can get dirty really fast, but that depends on the person that uses it.

The overall conclusion is simple: It is strong, it looks beautifull, it is thin which makes it easy to carry around and it works fast without any complications. If you have dirty fingers than the white keys can ge tdirty really fast but thats it. I will have to give it (5/5 Stars) since i could not find any cons.

Size: 285*120*3mm, or 11.22*4.72*0.12in
Weight: 318g, or 11.22oz
Price: $45.41

You can purchase this Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard at BudgetGadgets.com for $45.41. If this is not really the keyboard you are looking for you can take a look at the other 6 keyboards BudgetGadgets is selling.

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    Is it compatible with a 20″ iMac?

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