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It is almost the end of the review week and on day 6 I will review the Emergency Solar Charger which i received from BudgetGadgets, the Emergency Solar Charger can be used on all iPod/iPhone models. This little handy gadget can be used as a simple keychain and is available in white, black and green andonly cost $5,78. Read the full review after the break.

The Emergency Solar Charger for the iPhone or iPod is a backup battery with a solar panel mounted at the top. So even if you can not charge the Emergency Charger with a USB cable, you can always use the power of the sun, thanks to the small Solar Panel.


According to budgetsgadgets the Emergency Solar Charger can be charged up to 500 times and is fully charged within 3 hours and it takes 1.5~2.5 days using the solar panel. That is not fast but when i tested the charger i noticed it goes a little bit faster and the time it takes to fully charge the Emargency Charger using sunlight only, depends on whether or not it is a sunny day.


Because it is so small you can hang it anywhere you want, as you can see in the pictures below.



When I was looking at the build quality you can see and feel that this Emergency Solar Charger does not cost a lot, but for a little over 5 bucks this is not bad at all although i wouldnt like to drop it since it is made out of hard plastic and the solar panel is not protected that well.


Overall this is a must have gadget if you ask me, especially since I travel a lot and do not always have access to an electricity plug. On top of that this charger is really small “58*37*14mm, or 2.28*1.46*0.55in and only 27g, or 0.95oz” and easy to carry around. On top of that it only costs $5.78 which is cheap enough to give it a try.

Final Rating: (4/5 Stars): Simply does the job and easy to carry around. The build quality can be done a little bit better.

Interested in purchasing this Emergency Solar Charger? You can purchase it online at the BudgetsGadgets store for only $5.78 here. Or take a look at the big list of other charger that you can buy at budgetgadgets.com.

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