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At day 5 of this review week sponsored by BudgetGadgets we will review a Hard Leather Case Cover Bag for the Apple iPad. BudgetGadgets sended us a brown version of their case and can be purchased here for $13.17. At BudgetGadgets.com you can find more than 40 iPad cases and after the break you can read the review of the case you can see above.

The Hard Leather Case Cover Bag can be purchased in 4 different colors including Brown, Red, Black and White. The case we received is brown which gives the ideal look for business people. But why should you choose this case over other iPad case? Well this case is not just a case, it is made for good protection and at the same time it is made to make sure you can use your iPad comfortable in different positions and even includes a view extra pockets to hold your Business cards or other small items.


In the photo above you can see 2 small “red” circles, at those places you can find two small but powerfull magnets which makes sure the case stays closed when you are not using your iPad. The blue circle is a small button that is an extra safety which makes it impossible to accidentally open your iPad Case.

At the front of the iPad case you see a big black area which controls the position of the stand that is mounted at the back of the case.



So all good till here, but arent there any cons to this iPad case? Well actually there are only two very small cons that i could find. The first thing i noticed is that the back can be moved pretty easily as you can see in the picture below. Its not a big thing but maybe a little bit uncomfortable when holding the iPad in one hand.


The othe small thing that i found is that the top of the case is not locked really well which means, if you hold your case upside down while the case is opened there is a small chance the iPad will slide out. In the picture below you can see what i mean.


I give this Hard Leather Case Cover Bag 4/5 Stars, because it is almost perfect. But those two little cons forced me not to give this case 5/5 Stars.

Interested in this Case? You can purchase it online at the BudgetsGadgets store for $13.17 here.

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