Jan 12

Macbook Air SSD Comparison
9to5mac reported that the MacBook Air Samsung SSD is about to get twice as fast after a little chat with Samsung at the CES 2012. “Samsungs 470 OEM SSD product is¬†noticeably¬†faster than the Toshiba model that Apple also puts in otherwise identical MacBook Airs.” Samsung also said that “it sold out of the 470 series OEM SSDs late last year and the company only makes a much faster variety: the 830 series“. A speed test after the break shows how much faster the 830 series is.

In the test below you can see that the 830 series is almost twice as fast as the current MacBook Air SSD from Samsung, which itself is significantly faster than Toshibas SSD. The 830 series on the left show speeds over 400MB/s write and 500MB/s reads.

Macbook Air SSD Comparison Speed Test

These new SSD 830 series are not found in any MacBook Air yet and there are no details about when it might show up. But Apple will most likely come with an MacBook Air update with an faster SSD sooner or later.

Source [9to5mac]

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