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This is already day 3 of the review week sponsored by BudgetGadgets. Today we will review two iPod Touch 4 Cases. One is a rubber case and one is a soft plastic case which you can see in the picture above. These are just two of the 600+ cases you can find at budgetgadgets.com. Read the review after the break.

We start this review with the purple Plastic Grid Hard Case Cover for the Apple iPod Touch 4. When i was holding this case in my hand i already got a good feeling about it, it has a good rough grip and is comfortable to hold “instead of a slippery feeling which you get when holding hard plastic or metal cases”. This case is made out of softer plastic which is a good thing, because it will not break as easy as hard plastic cases.

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After testing this case on my iPod Touch i noticed straight away how thin this case is. The lock and dock areas are exposed and at the front of the iPod is no protection, for some people this is a con, but personally i prefer a case that is made for the back of the iPod Touch instead of the front because those cases feel so thick. In the photos below you can see the thickness of this case and how it is cut out perfectly.

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All with all, if you like thin cases this case is not bad at all. And for the price of only $1,99 each you can even order a view to try out different colors (11 colors to choose from).

The Blue rubber case is a more basic case and is a full protection case. The case only leaves room at the lower part of your iPod Touch and has a cut out area for the camera, but because this case is made out of rubber you can simply push through the case to click the volume buttons and the on/off button (see pictures below).

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This case is really good to protect your iPod Touch, but looks really cheap and makes the iPod Touch look less cool. For people who would like to show off their iPod Touch this is not a good designed case, but if you care more about the iPod Touch functions and not about the nice Apple look, this Soft Silicone Case is a good case for only $1,53 (this case is also available in multiple colors).

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Plastic Grid Hard Case: Total score (4/5 Stars).
I give this case 4/5 Stars because it fits perfectly, is really thin, looks good and feels good when holding the iPod Touch. The only thing they can do to make this case a little bit better is by making it a little bit stronger.

Soft Silicone Case : Total score (3/5 Stars).
It fits perfectly, protects you iPod Touch well and has a good grip. But it does look pretty ugly “personal opinion”.

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Come back at the end of this week when we will do a giveaway of multiple budgetgadgets items including a view iPod Touch 4 Cases.

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