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This is the second day of the review week sponsored by BudgetGadgets and today we will review 2 different Stylus Pens. At budgetgadgets.com you can find a total of 6 different Stylus Pens that can be used on all iDevices. The two Stylus Pens we will review are the Portable Stylus Pen and the Handy Travel Rear Clip Touch Stylus Pen. Read the review after the break.

The Portable Stylus Pen is just a basic Stylus Pen which will be delivered in Silver for only $3,15 and the Handy Travel Rear Clip Touch Stylus Pen is a Stylus Pen that includes 2 clips for the iPhone3G/3GS/iPod Touch so you can click the Pen next to your iPhone or iPod Touch, you can purchase the Handy Travel Rear Clip Touch Stylus Pen for only $3.04.

In the picture above you can see how i cliped the Handy Travel Rear Clip Touch Stylus Pen on the First Gen iPod Touch. The clips do not fit on the newest iDevices such as the iPod Touch 4, One of the clips can be used for the iPhone 3G and iPhone 4GS and the other one for the First Gen iPod Touch.

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However, the small stylus pen attached to the clip is responding really well. I tested it on the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch and on all of them i only have to touch the screen really softly, thanks to the special “pillow” at the tip of the pen. The Pen design is really basic and is hollow from the inside, which makes it really light. “personally i like the dark silver color.”

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The other pen i received from BudgetGadgets.com is a little bit longer and includes a clip to hold some paper, and has a little hole in the top so you can hang this Pen on your keychain or somewhere else.

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However, i am not really satisfied with this pen. It looks good, but the tip of the pen “the little pillow that touched the screen” is really hard and because of that i need to push harder to make the screen notice i am using a Stylus Pen. If you do not use it a lot “for just a view clicks” this Pen is “ok” but for typing or using it for applications that requires a lot of touching this Pen is not good enough.

Overall i am really impressed by the Handy Travel Rear Clip Touch Stylus Pen, it does everything without any problems. The screen of your iDevice is noticing straight away that you are using a Stylus Pen and there is no need to push hard. The included clips fit perfectly around the iPod Touch i tested it on and on top of it all, i really like the look of the pen.

The Portable Stylus Pen however is kinda disappointing, the Pen looks good but i really need to push hard before the screen is noticing the Stylus Pen. I do not know if it is an manufactory error and that only the sample i received has this issue, but without knowing that for sure i can only give this one 2 out of 5 Stars.

Handy Travel Rear Clip Touch Stylus Pen
: Total score (5/5 Stars).
Portable Stylus Pen: Total score (2/5 Stars).

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