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This is the first day of the review week sponsored by BudgetGadgets and we will start of with some nice looking iPod Touch 4 Cases. At budgetgadgets.com you can find over 600 cases for the iPhone, iPod and iPad starting at just a little over 1 dollar. They sended us 2 full cases for the iPod Touch 4 with nice graphical prints on the back and front of the case as you can see in the picture above. Read the review after the break.

budgetgadgets hard case 1

budgetgadgets hard case 2

As you can see in the pictures above the cases they sended to us fit perfectly around the iPod Touch and are made out of hard plastic and nice graphics. The Pink Plastic Skin Case Cover for the iPod Touch 4 only costs $2,99 and the Stylish Hard Case Cover for Apple iPod Touch 4 can be purchased here for $3,39.

They fit so well, that after clicking this case around my iPod Touch 4 it is very hard to remove them again. After playing a little bit with it, i found out that there are a view places that you can pinch (see the next picture) so the case will remove a little bit easier.

budgetgadgets hard case 4

A little con is that the black Stylish Hard Case Cover has a shiny layer around the case which leaves your fingerprints after touching the back.

budgetgadgets hard case 6

After you fit on the case, all the necessary ports/buttons such as the (on/off button, camera, volume buttons, speaker, etc) are perfectly cut out as you can see in the pictures below.

budgetgadgets hard case 7

budgetgadgets hard case 3

Overall i am really satisfied with these cases considering the price of only a view bucks. But i can not give it 5 out of 5 stars since i am not really a big fan of hard plastic cases. Hard plastic cases do protect your iDevice really well but the case can break more easily when you drop your iDevice.

Pink Plastic Skin Case: Total score (4/5 Stars).
Stylish Hard Case: Total score (3,5/5 Stars).

Pros: They fit perfectly, will not come loose easily, all buttons and ports are easily to reach and only costs a view bucks.
Cons: It is made out of hard plastic so it can break pretty easy when dropped. The Stylish Hard Case leaves finger prints on the back which makes it look a little bit dirty.
Overall: Nice case and worth the money!

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Come back at the end of this week when we will do a giveaway of multiple budgetgadgets items including the Pink Plastic Skin Case.

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