Dec 21

browsAR. The worlds FASTEST full-featured augmented reality browser and QR code reader. Display your Facebook profile, for free, in pure augmented reality. Imagine looking at someone and being able to see a neat, summarized Facebook profile, hovering next to them in pure augmented reality. Or, perhaps you would like being able to show your social network floating over your business card. Now, stop imagining, and download browsAR. Welcome to the future.

The square markers, appearing similar to QR codes, can be created and downloaded free of charge by anyone with a Facebook account from browsARs website. When viewed through browsAR, the code is replaced with a clean, simplified version of the users Facebook profile, floating where the code initially was. The displayed profile includes the option for adding the individual as a Facebook “friend.” Keeping Facebooks strict privacy guidelines in mind, Gravity Jack gives users full control of the content shown on each of their QARs via the website allowing them to modify or remove info in real time.

You can download browsAR for free in the app store.

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