Dec 17

We informed you that the iPhone 4S has just been launched in Brazil and the prices are extreme higher than the US prices. In the Apple Store the 16 GB SIM-free version comes with a R$ 2599 price tag and the 32GB/64GB versions sells for R$ 2999/R$ 3399. The exchange rate of Brazilian dollar is approximately R$ 1.71 to USD 1.00 which means the 64GB iPhone 4S costs $2000 in Brazil and in the US it cost three times less with a price tag of only $849. But what is the reason for this high price tag?

For $2000 you can get a lot of other interesting stuff in Brazil, you can even but a nice car for that money, here you can find a slideshow that cleverly depicts what this amount of money can buy folks in Brazil.


This is why iPhone 4S made in China and imported into Brazil is overpriced: 46,76% Taxes. Infographic by iG Economia.

But still with the 46,76% tax it doesnt make sense why the iPhone 4S costs 3 times as much. Any more ideas why?

Source [9to5mac]

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  1. DrSouche Says:

    Easy reason: local taxes are terribly high in Brazil. I sell electronic equipment to Brazil and import duties are almost 100%!!
    Crazy stuff….

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