Nov 29

Little Printer holds a compact, inkless, thermal printer. Its zero-configuration wireless connection to the Web and lets you place it wherever you have a power outlet. Little Printer is constructed in high-gloss injected moulded plastic and the brushed steel faceplate holds the paper, framing each delivery as it prints. Little Printer has wide range of sources available to check on your behalf. Subscribe to your favourites and choose when you would like them delivered. Little Printer gathers everything it needs to prepare a neat little personalised package, printed as soon as you press the button. You can get deliveries multiple times a day, but we find once or twice works best–like your very own morning or evening newspaper.

Little Printer sits in your home, but it is BERG Cloud that does the heavy lifting. Because publications are created in our cloud on the Web, not in your front room, we can offer more services for your Little Printer without the need for updates or a replacement product.

BERG Cloud Bridge sits by your broadband router and wirelessly connects Little Printer to the Internet, which makes it easy for you to place Little Printer where you can see it.


Source [BergCloud]

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