Nov 25

iPhone Made In Brazil
Apple already tried to make iPhone 4 models in the new Brazilian Foxconn plant, but we never seen any iPhone with “Designed by Apple in California, Made in Brazil” engraved into the back of a iPhone 4. Now thanks to the Brazilian website MacMagazine it looks like we have our first look of such a model in hands of the first customers. It is not confirmed but it says that a reader has gotten their hands on an 8GB white iPhone 4 with “Brazilian Industry” written on the back instead of “Made In China”.

The model number labeling includes a “BR” for Brazil at the end of the scheme, which you can see in the picture below.

iPhone Made In Brazil 2

“On a final note, the site says Brazilians should expect to be able to pick up their own 8GB iPhone 4 on December 2nd. Have you spotted your own Brazilian-made iPhone?”

Source [9to5mac]

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