Nov 16

In the video above you can see a comparison between the new Amazon Kindle Fire “which can be bought for just $199” and the iPad 2. In this video the guys from iDownloadblog test the boot up times, web browsing times, and netflix streaming times. “Surprisingly, Kindle Fire held up pretty well in two out of three of our tests. Kindle Fire is really fast when it comes to Netflix streaming, though that could be due in part to Netflix’s new Android interface.”

iDownloadblog: “Overall, though, there is absolutely no comparison between the two. The iPad 2 is just insanely more polished in all facets when compared to Amazons tablet. It really makes you appreciate all of the work that Apple goes through to get their hardware and software performing just right.”

This is not surpricing since the Amazon Kindle Fire only costs $199. But what did you think, is there room for both in the tablet market? If you own a Amazon Kindle Fire, let us know your opinion.

Source [iDownloadBlog]

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