Nov 14

iOS 5.0.1 has been released last week and was supposed to fix battery issues some iPhone 4S users experience. But some people now actually experience a quicker battery drains. But thats not all, some people experience more issues including including Wi-Fi signal loss, microphone failures, and cellular network issues. At the Apple Support Forum you can find a very long list of people who experience these issues. Do you experience any of these bugs?

Apple said: “The recent iOS software update addressed many of the battery issues that some customers experienced on their iOS 5 devices” which is true for some users, but for some users the battery drains even quicker after the update from iOS 5.0 ro iOS 5.0.1.

9to5mac “Among the Wi-Fi, microphone, and cellular issues, the other big bug in iOS 5.0.1 has to do with (via CNet). All of the names and numbers associate together inside of, but when making a phone call or sending a text through iMessage, 5.0.1 can’t seem to associate the name with the number as usual.”

Source [9to5mac]

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One Response to “iOS 5.0.1 Causing New Issues Including Battery Life Issues”

  1. mike Says:

    Siri and all voice-related apps are broken
    still no battery fixes either

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