Oct 20

Apple has been the worlds largest smartphone manufacturer for a view month, but it looks like they are no longer number one since a person familiar with the situation said Thursday that Samsung shipped more than 20 million smartphones in the quarter ended Sept. 30, beating market leader Apple Inc. as well as Nokia Corp. “Apple on Tuesday reported that 17.1 million iPhones has been sold during the three-month period ended September 24.”

The South Korean company benefited from a push into the high end demand is robust for phones that consumers can use to watch videos, download movies and send email. The company is also taking advantage of the popularity of Google Inc.s Android operating system, while also stepping up production in Europe of phones using its own software and software from Microsoft Corp. [WSJ]

There is just one problem with these numbers, Samsungs number refers to shipments while Apples refers to sales. “Although those metrics may not be vastly different. Apples “sales” numbers actually refer to sales into the distribution channel rather than end users, and Apple noted during its earnings conference call that channel inventory had declined by 180,000 units quarter-to-quarter. That decline meant that actually sold approximately 17.25 million units to end users, compared to 17.07 million units delivered into the channel.” [macrumors]

So this also means that Samsungs shipping numbers are higher than the actual sales numbers. One thing is for sure, they are still the top competitors in the mobile industry. Check out Googles official video above of Tuesdays unveiling of the Ice Cream Sandwich software and Samsungs Galaxy Nexus smartphone.

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