Oct 18

Dropbox “which is a new storage app for the iDevices” has declined an $800 million acquisition offer from Apple, and deciding to remain independent and raise its own financing. In December 2009 Jobs invited Houston and his partner, Arash Ferdowsi, for a meeting at his Cupertino office. To talk about their hot storage startup named Dropbox. Houston was clear upfront about not wanting to sell out the company to anyone, even to Apple with a nine-digit deal.

So why did he reject a nine-digit deal? He will explain in the movie below.

Jobs reportedly attempted to follow up with Dropbox after the initial meeting, suggesting a second meeting at Dropbox headquarters. But when Houston said that he preferred to meet elsewhere, so as to not give Jobs personal insight into Dropbox operations, Jobs went silent. Apple of course introduced iCloud, its own syncing solution, earlier this year and went live with the service just last week.

Source [macrumors]

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