Sep 30

Piggy Adventure iPhone 1
Solve all the puzzles with the help of three animal friends and their unique talents; give color back to the world! The color has been sapped from the world of Avalon, home to painters Steezy, Haden, and Moochew. They are on a quest to restore the rainbow, journeying from island to island, the land of Ukurawe to Gizza, over 40 challenging and puzzling physics-based levels and with 40 achievements to unlock. The painterly pig, the tough chick, and the strong cow must all work together to beat each and every level. Using their unique traits, help them get all three paint drops per level to restore happiness, peace, and COLOR to Avalon!
Piggy Adventure iPhone
Leader boards mean you can see how well you match up with your friends and fellow gamers. Real-time recording of levels let you share your puzzle secrets through YouTube, Facebook or your iDevice. Alternate control methods mean you can tap or tilt all while controlling your sensitivity adjustments. Hints and skips are available if things get too rough out there. Beautiful music and dreamy artwork create a world you won’t be able to get enough of!

You can download Piggy Adventure for the iPhone for $0,99 for a limited time.

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