Sep 30

Fake iPhone For Sale China Arrested
A local Shanghai news paper reported that five people have been arrested in Shanghai by the local police for creating and selling fake versions of the Apple iPhone. “Police said those arrested were part of an organised gang that bought components for the phones from Guangdong in southern China and assembled them in rented apartments in Shanghai.” The police found around 200 fake iPhone during the crackdown.

These fake iPhones are almost identical to the real iPhone but have a shorter battery life. The cost of making these devices was around 2,000 yuan ($313) and was sold for 4,000 yuan($626), which is only a little bit cheaper than the real iPhone.

“It is really hard for customers to distinguish the fake ones from the genuine ones,” an officer said.

Note: The guys in the picture are not the ones who are arrested, but the sign on the left reads “The latest iPhone 5”.

Source [reuters]

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