Sep 24

Com2uS keeps on releasing new games, this time they released Escape the Ape for the iPhone and iPad. If you fall, you die. Wanna live? Then, jump!! JoJo, a chimp that runs from a gigantic ape, climbs up trees to get away. Jump up high with speed and other moves in Escape the Ape !!

JoJo the monkey is off on a treasure hunt to search for the legendary jewel in the tropical jungle. Finally, he gets his hands on the jewel…but an enormous gorilla statue that protects it comes to life!! Help JoJo escape this humongous ape by jumping up the trees.


Simply draw a line to create a trampoline that bounces JoJo up to the top. Go up as high as you can while you snag jewels and bananas. But, be careful! Try to avoid rotten bananas and other obstacles!

You can download Escape The Ape for the iPhone in the App Store for $0,99.

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