Sep 21

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The creators of Instagram are excited to announce the release of one of the largest revamps to the Instagram app since it launched nearly a year ago. Since the day they launched Instagram, one core part of the app has remain largely unchanged: the camera. In the past, the have added filters & tilt-shift, but the base technology has never evolved. Today that all changes as they introduce a complete upgrade to Instagrams camera with a brand new technology layer.

See the world through Instagrams stunning effects before you even snap a photo. Simply select a filter, hold the camera up to the scene and see the world through Instagrams visual effects. We have re-written your favorite Instagram filters to be over 200x faster so even after having taken a photo, switching between them takes no time at all.

This update includes four new filters, Amaro, Rise, Hudson, and Valencia. The app now also supports images up to 1936×1936 on the iPhone 4, up substantially from the prior version, which only supported images of 612×612.

You can download Instagram in the App Store for free.

Source [Macrumors]

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