Sep 16

Tiny Farm Com2uS
Com2uS is proud to announce their latest release and their first social gaming title, Tiny Farm. You are already familiar with the challenging puzzler Slice It! and you have seen the sweet characters of MiniGame Paradise. Now it is time to enter the most charming world of farming ever made and show you have what it takes to be the best. Build your farm, expand your land, and raise the best animals!

Tiny Farm Com2uS 1
With beautiful, adorable graphics and sweet music and sounds, Tiny Farm will become your home away from home. Breed and raise the best animals and impress everyone with rare, mythical creatures! For a farm so small, Tiny Farm is jam-packed with sweet surprises and endless possibilities. Free to play, so pick it up today!

Tiny Farm Com2uS 2

You can download Tiny Farm from the App Store for Free.

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