Sep 04

Ringtone DJ iPhone
Ringtone DJ is the first and only app that allows you to make Unlimited ringtones from any song in your iTunes music library. But also you can make your ringtone 100% unique by applying professional DJ sound effects. It is easy to use free application. You can apply additional DJ sound effects: pitch & scratch effects, delay effect, low-pass & high-pass filters, voice recording. You will get an absolutely unique ringtone which you can easily send by email right to your computer.

– UNLIMITED ringtones from any song in your iTunes music library
– Precise ringtone Start and Duration time
– Send the new ringtone by email right to your computer
– Additional DJ sound effects available via In App Purchase:
*pitch & scratch effects
*delay effect
*low-pass & high-pass filters
*voice recording
– Works on any iPhone with iOS 4.0 and later

You can download Ringtone DJ in the App Store for Free. “It makes use of in-app purchases”.

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