Sep 03

cava22 lost iPhone Prototype
Earlier today I wrote about “a lost iPhone 5 prototype investigation but, the San Francisco Police Department reported that there is no record of such an investigation. It turned out that Apple posed as police officers to search his house”. But now after more research by SFWeekly, the San Francisco Police Department now admits to assisting Apple investigators with the search of a lost iPhone 5.

Contradicting past statements that no records exist of police involvement in the search for the lost prototype, San Francisco Police Department spokesman Lt. Troy Dangerfield now tells SF Weekly that “three or four” SFPD officers accompanied two Apple security officials in an unusual search of a Bernal Heights mans home.

“Four plain clothed police officers came to the house with two Apple security guards. During the search inside the home, the four police officers stood outside while the Apple security guards were inside.”

This is an interesting story and we will keep you updated.

Source [SFWeekly & 9to5mac & Macrumors]

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