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Rob Shoesmith is a iPhone fan and decided to go camping infront of the Apple Store in London, to be first in line at Londons flagship Apple store for the launch of the new iPhone 5 later this year. You probably think that he is stupid, but trust me he is not, he actually had a good plan. He didnt just grab a tent and started sleeping infront of the Apple Store, no he emailed 100s of company and told them his story. He also told them that there is one rule to his experiment. He cannot spend a single penny on anything whilst he is in line. It was a succes since he alreade received over £40.000 worth of donations in just 3 weeks.

I will be trying to live off Apples huge marketing influence through companies donating items to help me get by. To date I have had over 100 companies donate products to the value of £40,000 to my experiment. “The postman is getting pretty fed up with me, too. He has to wake us up each morning to deliver a mountain of packages as they do not fit through the letterbox.”

Highlights include

–       A personal trainer to keep me active outside the Apple Store.
–       A mobile laundry service to come and pick up my smelly clothes to wash and iron them.
–       A baker who will make me an IPhone cake to feed other 100 people.
–       A belly dancer who will be flying in from Scotland to keep me entertained.
–       Numerous bands who will come and entertain me with acoustic sets.
–       Top restaurants who will keep me fed and watered.
–       The offer of a 4 by 4 vehicle.
–       A freestyle soccer player to do some tricks and teach me some to.
–       A magician to entertain me.
–       Thousands of dollars worth of gadgets.
–        Camping equipment.

Some people may have heard of Rob before since he “ first made headlines two years ago when he became the only person in England whose iPhone application design was picked for a competition and was in with a chance of winning £1million. And He quit working as a binman three weeks ago to work full-time as a marketing executive for Medl Mobile, which makes applications for Apple mobile phones”

He already received £800 worth of Helly Hansen outdoor clothing, he can use a £20,000 Chevrolet car and restaurants keep feeding him and people around him.

We will keep you updated and wish Rob the best of luck.

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