Sep 02

HEX Code iPhone 4 Wallet
Hex created a new sleek and slim carrying solution for iPhone 4. “Each Code wallet has a custom molded phone bed for iPhone 4 with three useful card slots for credit cards.” “The Code wallet conveys a level of sophistication with a sleek look, while offering users a convenient carrying solution for credit cards, I.D. and iPhone,” says Dan Maravilla, Vice President of HEX. “We wanted to provide a slim design that would offer a unique yet high-fashion look, but still keep function and utility in mind. Instead of carrying everything separately, we’ve put it all in one place for quick access.”

HEX Code iPhone 4 Wallet 2

Made of genuine leather, the Code wallet comes in three brilliant color options, black, white and British tan. Each wallet stays securely fastened with an elastic closure and registers at just one-half inch thick—slimmer than a deck of playing cards.

You can purchase the Hex Wallet for the iPhone 4 here for $49,95.

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