Sep 01

Translation Fire For iPhone
Translation Fire developer, TNT Creations, announced this week that its first version of Transfire has passed 200,000 downloads. This comes just weeks after securing $170,000 in its first-round of equity funding. Transfire is a chat application that instantly translates chat messages into over 50 languages.

Users are predominantly travelers and casual chatters and hail from over seventy countries. “We are excited and enthusiastic about the future prospects for chat applications,” said Elik Topolosky, president and co-founder of TNT Creations. “Instant messaging is continuing to grow and we are expanding the boundaries of current chat applications. We have eliminated the language barrier that still restricts instant messaging globally.”

Transfire employs several key technologies to instantly translate text between 52 languages with unprecedented accuracy and quality. These technologies allow for the real-time translation of all incoming and outgoing chat messages. “The perfect chat application will process and understand all communication regardless of language, slang or abbreviation,” said Jonathan Topolosky, TNT Creations president and co- founder. “That is where Transfire is headed.”

You can download Transfire Travel in the App Store for $0,99.

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