Aug 29

Rhythm Repeat For iPhone
FilpoGames is pleased to present Rhythm Repeat, a new and refreshing title in the world of music games that challenges players to follow and reproduce the flashing sequence of brightly colored notes.  Combined with fabulous authentic sounds the game delivers an inviting atmosphere of melodic immersion and creates soothing and relaxing music gaming experience that both casual players and music lovers will greatly enjoy.

Rhythm Repeat turns the player into both an active gamer and composer, inviting him to keep pace with the soothing music, pay attention to the sequences of colorful notes and tap them in the same order as they are shown.  Rhythm Repeat is not about reproducing a melody but about turning music into an interactive experience that can be incredibly challenging.  The game starts off simple to ease players gently and then challenges them to keep up with the constantly accelerating rhythm.

The responsive controls are an elegant ode to rhythm, where music harmoniously ties the user to the serene gameplay. Rhythm Repeat lets players perform on such musical instruments as piano, drums and guitar.  The title features more than 300 authentic melodies specifically written for the game and each level of difficulty showcases different tunes. The game can have a significant positive effect on an intellectual development as players exercise and develop their attention, recognition and short-term memory skills.

“We are very pleased with the final results of Rhythm Repeat, our experience creating the game was as enjoyable as it is playing it. By bringing together great melodies and beats, different bonuses and the fever mode, beautiful graphics and addictive gameplay we wanted to provide users with a memorable and exceptional musical gaming experience.” – said Zoltan Lading the founder of FilpoGames.

You can download Rhythm Repeat for iPhone in the App Store for $0,99.

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