Aug 19

VisionHacker Studio is a new startup team focusing on brand new games for iOS. They like to create a new and exciting genre of the MYB (MoveYourBody) games with the coolest computer vision technology. Their MYB can enable you to play with any part of your body, head, hands, finger, etc. It is as cool as the Kinect and Wii, but they implement it on iPhone/iTouch /iPad with frontal camera and sensors.

This game is called “Crows Coming“, and lets you control the game with your head. Yes thats right… by moving your head to the left and right you control the caracer. Your job is to catch as much as possible birds.

You probably cant play this game for to long, because that makes your head spin… but it looks like fun and probably is great if you play this with multiple friend, just because it looks funny.

This game “Crows Coming by VisionHacker” will be available in the App Store tomorrow, and for the guys who would like to try something new, just check it out.

The sly crows cast greedy eyes on your fresh pumpkins. You, the scarecrow, is the only warrior of the farm. Shake your body and fight with the crows.

This is the first MYB (Move Your Body) game, powered by the frontal camera. Shake your head to control the scarecrow and prevent the greedy crows.
Wait for what? Lets experience the brand new game and enjoy it! (compatible with iPhone4, iTouch 4).

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