Aug 16

Save Yammi is maybe one of the biggest look-a-likes ever. It is almost an exact copy of the populair iPhone game Cut The Rope. So i dont have to explain much about this game, because almost all of you guys know Cut The Rope. The goal of this game is the same, there is a little cartoon called “Yammi” and you need to feed him with delicious cookies. You need to do this by drawing a rope on the screen and connecting it with different objects. This makes the gameplay a little bit different from the original one. But the design and sound style are exactly the same.

One day a little octopus Yammi, the hero of our game, was peacefully swimming in waters of Mexican Gulf. Suddenly, an angry, hungry and a bit crazy shark appeared and started chasing him. While escaping, Yammi spotted a big and strange pipe on the floor of Gulf. Having no choice he decided to tap the plug and hide himself inside the pipe. But the pipe sucked him in and he found himself in the State of Washington, Seattle, USA. The crazy shark was also sucked in into the pipe, but got stuck in it. On the other end of the pipe Yammi found himself in a life-threatening situation. He decided to escape through the water pipe system to get back to his home in Gulf of Mexico


The game design of Save Yammi requires you to think outside the box, drawing an on-screen rope that will let you feed a delicious cookie to Yammi! It features over 100 different levels, each one packed with various ways in which you can feed his appetite, while collecting stars for bonus points. Using a fine mixture of touch-screen and gyroscopic controls, players will have to be the most creative possible to get the highest scores !

In addition to a variety of stages, Save Yammi also features beautiful high-quality visuals and uniquely animated characters, along with full support for GameCenter, so you can keep track of your accomplishments.


• High-quality graphics
• Innovative main gameplay feature
• Lots of different ways to complete levels
• Funny character and universe
• 100 diversified levels
• Gyroscopic and touch controls
• Game Center with tons of achievement

You can download Save Yammi for $0,99 in the App Store or try the Lite version that can be download for Free.

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