Aug 11

Demon Cam is a new iPhone application that allows you to record a personalized video of anyone and transform them into a shocking Demon! But the interesting thing about this application is the amazing trailer they made. I think this can be the most expensive trailer ever made for an iPhone application. More information and Trailer after the break.

Send a fake video greeting and surprise your Friends with this powerful new video app!

Demon Cam™ features automated Face Tracking and ultra fast results.

Get ready to Scare & Share!

• Real HD video processing!
• Automated face tracking
• Demon morphs with your face & personality
• Ultra-fast results, ready in 10-15 seconds!
• Share videos on Facebook or Email to friends
• Hollywood FX in 3 easy steps
• Cinematic graphics and sound FX
• Choose from 7 unique characters!
• Save still photos too!
• No internet required to render!
• Includes easy help tips!

Here’s how it works:
Film a personalized video, Set Track Points, and choose a Demon!

Be Creative!

Demon Cam™ allows you to record any kind of video greeting before the Demon Morph, so it’s up to you to find clever ways to draw your victim in before unleashing the Demon!

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  1. Teofly Lipson Says:

    I would like how can create a demon cam face inside after effect and not in iPhone

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