Aug 09

MiniDock allows you to charge your favorite iPhone or iPod with your existing Apple USB Power Adapter. Your device sits upright in the MiniDock while it charges directly into the wall socket, allowing you to free up counter or tabletop space. Small and simple, MiniDock enables users to make the most of their upright devices while they charge. MiniDock is available in three versions to fit either US, UK or EU style adapters and sockets. More information and video after the break.

Connect the MiniDock to an electrical outlet and charge your device upright in any room. Completely versatile for use in the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom or any room where charging the iPhone or iPod directly into the wall makes sense. MiniDock is also the ideal travel companion as it is light weight, small, practical and versatile. No longer is your device subject to laying on the hotel room floor or bathroom counter. Now environments, wherever you are, can be free of dangling cords and surfaces without clutter.

You can purchase the Bluelounge MiniDock for $19,99 from the Bluelounge website.

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