Aug 06

ios5-Beta-Non Developers
Non-Developers that are running iOS 5 Beta, be warned. Apple started tracking down iOS 5 Beta users that do not have a developer account. Normally only people who are registered as a developer are allowed to run Beta versions, but some developers sold Device slots to normal iDevice users, so they will be able to install iOS Beta versions as well. AppleInsider reported that Apple has begun closing the accounts of some developers who have inappropriately sold their account device slots, allowing them to profit from the installation iOS 5 on unauthorized non-developer iPhones and iPads.

Some developers who sold their slots for UDIDs, the unique identification numbers associated with every iOS device, have been tracked down by Apple, according to Apple has reportedly sent e-mail warnings to developers, notifying them that their illicit activities have been discovered.

In addition, Apple is said to have begun closing developer accounts for some who have been identified as selling their device slots. Apple has also reportedly flagged UDIDs associated with a developer account found in violation, making the device running iOS 5 “unusable.”

“Once Apple locks your iOS device, the phone will enter the initial setup mode asking you to connect to a WiFi network,” the report said. “And nothing happens more than that.”

Because it is not final, public software, iOS 5 is currently meant only for testing purposes, and is restricted to authorized members of Apples official iOS Developer Program. Selling device slots and allowing non-developers to test and run the latest beta build of iOS 5 is a direct violation of the iOS Developer Program rules.

But some developers have ignored these binding terms and have chosen to register another persons iPhone or iPad UDID in exchange for a fee. Those who pay the developer can receive early access to iOS 5 and test out its many new — but still buggy — features.

Source [appleinsider]

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