Aug 04

In China, the government is pretty much in control of everything. This includes what we read, listen and it even apply to mobile software. Ministry of National Defense of the Peoples Republic of China decided to release their official app called PLA Daily, but Apple rejected this application. Instead of releasing PLA Daily in the App Store they decided to release it via Cydia.

iSmashPhone: ” The app is not going to be an official App Store app. Not here or in China. Users must jailbreak (install software that allows for use of the iPhone that was not intended by Apple) their iPhone if they want to read up on what the PLA is doing. They will receive news and updates direct from the PLA Daily. It is interesting that the iPhone must be jailbroken in order to use the app. Usually, jailbreak apps are made by single independent users who want to add a certain functionalities not included in their iPhone. Larger, public organizations have always stuck to official app store releases. “

Source [iSmashPhone & 9to5mac]

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