Jul 29

A Vietnamese website Tinhte published some photos that show a prototype iPhone 4 that has received slight modifications to make it cheaper, lighter and faster, suggesting it could replace the iPhone 3GS to become Apples new entry-level handset when a fifth-generation iPhone launches. The poster who shared the leak, “cuhiep,” said the pictures come from a “very reliable source.”.

The site has been the source of numerous Apple-related leaks in the past, including this April, when it showed off a prototype iPhone running a “test” build of iOS and an iPod touch prototype with a rear-facing camera in May of 2010.

The original poster of the photos admitted (via Google Translate) that it may be “really hard to convince” people about the authenticity of the photos, because the device looks “exactly” like the white iPhone 4.



Source [AppleInsider]

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