Jul 28

If you are Instagrams heavy user, here is news for you. Now you can view all photos from this popular service on your iPad. You, your friends, the most popular, interesting and beautiful photos are packed in always up to date albums in Slidelight, a new app from polish developer Macoscope.

Slidelight is not just an ordinary Instagram photo frame. Through this iPad app you really can discover what is best on Instagram. In Slidelight, users will find a huge amount of gorgeous pics, packed in thematic albums – bikes, commuting, puppies, cats, european capitals, shapes and sizes, music, macro photography, sports, fashion, design – whatever cool photos from Instagram you can imagine, you will find them through Slidelight. And once logged into Instagram account, users will also see photos taken near them, sorted by the location, by their and their friends favorite filter, pics they liked, etc. There is also a place for Instagram celebrities – Slidelight gives its users special albums with photos of people whose pictures are loved the most.

But according to developers and beta testers, the most important thing in Slidelight is that once you put your fingers on it, you just can not stop playing with this app. You touch every album, swipe photos in it, pinch to get back to the main screen, tap twice to see details and like photos and then start all over again. It is packed with such an amount of joy it is like endorphins overdose.

Purchase Slidelight for the iPad in the App Store here for $2,99.

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