Jul 27

2852 US consumers has been asked the question if they will purchase the next gen iPhone or not. %35 has answered the question with yes, they will purchase the next gen iPhone (iPhone 5?) without ever having tried it. Fifty-one percent of respondents said that they will buy the smartphone within the first year of release. Some 30 percent will purchase the device before the end of 2011, while 14 percent will buy it within the first month. Only 7 percent of those polled said they will buy it within the first week, a number that may change as they see friends, family and colleagues with the shiny new iPhones this fall.

PriceGrabber said that 48 percent of people polled said they preferred Apples iOS platform, compared to 19 percent who picked Googles Android OS; 7 percent who chose Microsoft Windows; and 6 percent Research in Motions Blackberry. Moreover, 69 percent of consumers indicated that they would prefer Appleā€™s iPhone 5 as a gift.

Source [eweekeurope]

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